Check out the portfolios created by our New York part-time online students. Through dedication and resilience, they've each created an amazing portfolio and we could not be more proud of every one of them!

Check out their websites to see more of their portfolio and follow them on Instagram to keep up with their design journeys!

Alice Chang 
I am a designer and photographer based in NYC. After working in the coffee industry for a few years, I decided it was time to pursue my passion for design. With an interest in UX/UI, I hope to use my skills to solve problems and inspire others.
Project Name: Crescendo Olive Oil | Website: | Instagram: @a.licechang
Alysha Basta 
I’m a Graphic Designer based in Queens, New York. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been a creative individual who loves storytelling. I knew that one day I wanted to delve into the creative scene and do something great with this passion for creativity that I had. After graduating from high school in 2019, I went on to pursue Graphic Design in Shillington. My dream now is to create meaningful and creative design solutions that tell a story.
Project Name: Billie Eilish Album Cover | Website: | Instagram: @helloitsalysha
Ashley Vidal

Ashley Vidal is a graphic designer based in NYC. After completing her undergraduate degree in Business Marketing and working at a Brooklyn based start-up, Ashley saw that fateful Shillington subway ad and decided to pursue a creative career. 9 months and a global pandemic later, Ashley is enthusiastic about packaging, typography, and thoughtful design. On her free time, she can be found perfecting the art of a fried egg, chasing after stray cats, and crafting the perfect playlist.
Project Name: The Capsule Club | Website: | Instagram: @baddalice
David Deng

I am a Designer and Photographer who loves solving problems, and creating products that integrate seamlessly into users’ lives.
Project Name: ZenZen | Website: | Instagram: @ocddavid
Deanna Rosa

My first love is writing, so naturally, I’m a sucker for a good story. And for me, design feels a lot like writing a story — discovering all the scattered pieces and then translating them into a language that makes sense. If your brand’s got a story to tell, I’m your girl. When I’m not creating, you can find me with my nose in a good memoir or volunteering at the nonprofit I started with my friends.
Project Name: Move App  | Website: | Instagram: @deannarosa
Devin McGuire 

Imaginative above all things. Devin McGuire went to film school before establishing himself as a graphic designer. Constantly inspired by music, film, and video games. His mind is always going. Devin is from New York.
Project Name: Platform | Website:
Helena Calmfors 

Helena Calmfors is a Swedish graphic designer and artist based in New York. Before attending Shillington, Helena received an MBA from ESC Rennes School of Business in France and a BA in Art History from Stockholm University in Sweden. Having experience in both branding and art she is able to approach visual communication with an innovative perspective.
Project Name: Be Shameless | Website: | Instagram: @calmfors_design
Frantz Gaspard 

Frantz Gaspard is a designer based in Brooklyn, New York. He is a caring individual. He has the drive to go above and beyond for his clients and it is shown through his discipline and work ethic. He always wants to learn more because he believes that if you are not learning, you’re not growing.
Project Name: The Surface | Website: | Instagram: @fonzmarch
Hugh Haggerty 

15 years doing production work in the magazine, textbook, and science publishing fields taught me a lot, but not enough to break into the design departments. After ten years in the field away from computers, I decided to pursue a design certificate from Shillington. I like clever design, but also design that doesn’t call too much attention to itself and lets the client’s message come through. My main influences are modern art deco and Swiss minimalism. My other interests include music (part-time DJ and bassist), amateur photography, science fiction, animal rights, and climate change activism.
Project Name: Verdant Salon | Website: | Instagram: @mchugegraphics
Isabella Ramos 

I'm a New Yorker born and raised in Brazil. My career path has been adventurous. I've designed walk-in refrigerators in Auto CAD, calmed passengers at 30,000 ft, and poured (and drunk!) a lot of craft beers. I’ve found in graphic design a way to channel my desire to solve problems with creativity, skill, and grit.
Project Name: Grind and Rhyme Coffee | Website: | Instagram:
bella Serrano

Bella is a visual storyteller and designer living in Brooklyn, NY. She currently works at a healthcare data analytics company, where she spends most of her day visually communicating insights and narratives from various data points. As a designer, she strives to make information accessible, explore color, and create engaging visual stories across branding and campaign identity.
Project Name: NIH | Website: | Instagram: @izserrano
Jacklyn Thomas

Jacklyn Thomas is a graphic designer based out of Chicago, IL. She graduated from Shillington School of Design in December 2020 and is currently freelancing working mainly in branding and UI/UX. She loves working with small brands, non-profits, and organizations to bring their passions to life through the power of design.
Project Name: Let's Get to Work | Website: | Instagram:
Jordan DeVito 

A new designer willing to step into a new roll to learn and grow both creatively and professionally.
Project Name: Eighty Four | Website: 
Joyce Chao

Joyce is a graphic designer whose journey began in graphic arts and package design. Her career shifted as she chose to become an art teacher who focused on cultivating artistry in young kids in her community. A renewal of creative fire within has sparked Joyce’s return to design, and she’s excited to explore what her hands can create. Her sculpting foundation, art education background, and package design experience have brought her to appreciate bold lines and shapes that showcase a simple, honest nature. She enjoys taking walks with her family and snapping photographs in her free time.
Project Name: Loom Forward | Website: 
Kyle Konecny

My name is Kyle and I love making people smile. Visceral imagery touches people in a way that other creative fields cannot; I view graphic design as a medium to accomplish that. Let’s connect and spread some smiles!
Project Name: NOTaURL | Website: | Instagram: @kgregk
Laura O'Rourke 

I am a New York-based graphic designer passionate about branding, packaging and app design. My love of beer labels was part of what motivated me to become a graphic designer. I love how you can display a story or beautiful art work on something so small as a can. I am excited to start this journey and create beautiful designs!
Project Name: XX | Website: | Instagram: @create_laura
Lisa Chi

Lisa Chi is a designer and creative strategist based in NYC. Coming from a background in psychology, she likes thinking about the things people do and why they do them. She brings a human-centric approach to her creative work. Always curious, in her spare time you can find her digging deep into Wikipedia rabbit holes and trying to explain the curiosities of life.
Project Name: Forma | Website: | Instagram: @lchichi​​​​​​​
Mayra Ruiz

Artist & Graphic Designer from California, moved to NYC and pursued fine dining. As much as she loved the hustle and bustle of the restaurant world, art is in her heart. Shillington Design School has fulfilled Mayra’s Artistic thrill. Currently based in Oklahoma City. Ready to take on new design projects & collaborations. Untamed artistic nature is in her horizons.
Project Name: 1WorldFest | Website: | Instagram:
Natalia Klimkiewicz 

I’m Natalia, a graphic designer based in New York. I have always had an interest in design, and found myself finding joy within anything creative. After years working in the corporate world, I took the jump to study graphic design at Shillington. I am very excited to start creating my own work to contribute to the world.
Project Name: Hanami Ice Cream | Website: 
Rebecca Yip

I started out as a Graphic Communications major in Baruch College, where I learned the business and art aspects of design. I didn't want to stop there so I took some courses in Parsons School of Design. Then ended up in Shillington NYC to enhance my portfolio. There's just an endless amount of theories and skills to learn and I'm excited for the journey that awaits.
Project Name: New World New Heights | Website: | Instagram: @rebeccayipdesign
Robin Grau

As far back as I can remember I've had an interest in creative work. As a kid I used to draw, paint, and play music, and when I moved to the United States I was started getting into the digital platform working with sound and video. Eventually I found myself in the film industry as a freelancer, and along the way discovered graphic design. I feel like graphic design is the perfect way for me to combine the skills I have learned over the years with my passion for drawing and being creative.
Project Name: Vertical Magazine | Website: 
Ron Kimberling

Departing a rodeo town for Los Angeles, my design journey started in architecture and fashion. Next, the Big Apple to work with noted package designer Fred Mittleman. Learning from one of Madison Avenue's original madmen, I contributed to several award-winning designs—all the while learning to love the font Futura. In 1996, I joined one of NYC's earliest web firms. There we waited impatiently for the miracle of broadband while creating convergent media experiences for the entertainment industries. Armed with a diversity of expertise, I'm well-suited for today's integrated design solutions. I still love Futura. I like drawing with a pencil.
Project Name: Ceremony | Website:
Roxana Bartolome

Roxana Bartolomé is a graphic designer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work is fueled by an insatiable sense of curiosity and a dedicated pursuit of beauty and harmony in design. As an experienced project manager who is passionate about the creative process, Roxana dreams of working with brands looking to build out their identity and/or market their products to a new audience. She speaks Spanish, Polish and French and would love to work with international clients or brands seeking to establish themselves in the U.S.
Project Name: Cien Años de Soledad | Website: | Instagram: @roxanabdesign
Samantha Wang 

Samantha Wang is now a graphic designer in New York. She was a fashion designer and a restaurant owner. Her hope is one day,  she can combine food business and design to knit a beautiful picture together.
Project Name: Cafe We | Website:​​​​​​​ 
Samara Gonzalez

Creative. Latina. Lover of people and coffee. Let’s be friends!
Project Name: Seattle International Film Festival | Website: | Instagram: @_designbysamara
Taylor Black

Taylor is a designer based out of Brooklyn New York.
Project Name: Polyphonic | Website: | Instagram: @realm_error
Whitney Weisman

I am an artist and graphic designer based in NYC. I’ve always been creative, whether performing onstage, baking up a storm in the kitchen or illustrating; I am excited to bring that love of all things creative to the world of graphic design. I also have a background in advertising, product marketing and UX design.
Project Name: Shrimp | Website: | Instagram: @whitneygdesign
Xiao Zhang

Xiao Zhang is based in New York City. After continuously working unfulfilling office jobs, she decided to pursue UI/UX leading her to enroll in the graphic design course at Shillington while learning coding on the side.
Project Name: ThredUp | Website: | Instagram: @zhangxiaome

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