Check out the portfolios created by our New York full-time online students. Through dedication and resilience, they've each created an amazing portfolio and we could not be more proud of every one of them!

Check out their websites to see more of their portfolio and follow them on Instagram to keep up with their design journeys!

Adrian Ashley
Prior to joining the Shillington experience, my career was based primarily in real estate, where I worked as an Assistant Property Manager for a leading management group in NYC, as well as in a property management role at WeWork. 
I’ve always been interested in exploring a more creative career path and decided now more than ever is the time to take the plunge.  At university, I studied Communication and Print Advertising and am excited about getting back to these interests. I love being creative with design (around the home anyway) but now it’s time to take that creativity to the screen.
Project Name: Forge White Smoke | Website: 
Alexandra Cozzoli
Alexa Cozzoli is a born and raised New Yorker. She is constantly inspired by the vintage hallmarks of Manhattan combined with its ever changing culture. Just like New York, Alexa sticks to her roots but never sits still. Her mind is always acquiring new knowledge and exploring ideas from her surroundings.
Project Name: Cocteau Twins Album Cover| Website: | Instagram: @strawberryunderwear1
Andrea Ghanian
Andrea is very excited that she can now call herself a graphic designer! She recently graduated from Syracuse University in May 2020 with a BS in Sport Management. Her love for the entertainment industry and the inherent power it has to bring people together is what influenced her decision to study sports. 
However, just one virtual graduation this year wasn't enough for Andrea, so she decided to take advantage of her new-found free time and pursue her interest in graphic design. She has always had a passion for storytelling and connecting with others, and she can't wait to learn more about design.
Project Name: Strangewaves Music Event | Website: | Instagram: @designby.andrea
Anna Parker
Anna is an L.A. based graphic designer and building strong brand voices is what she loves. Prior to her design life, she worked in public relations and marketing, helping startups find their voice in a crowded market. Give her a shout if you'd like to learn more about her work, or want to work together on a project.
Project Name: Good Sh**t T-Shirt  Shop | Website: 
Anneleen Boonen
Hi there! Meet Anneleen, a US-based Belgian designer. Following a passion for storytelling, she dove into the astonishing world of Graphic Design. Anneleen has a deep-rooted belief that design is a powerful problem-solving tool with the capability of connecting ideas with reality. Anneleen is proficient in both digital and print design and will never say no to a new challenge.
Project Name: Cloudwater Brew Co. | Website: | Instagram:
Berkeley Keller
Berkeley Keller is a New York based designer and illustrator.
Project Name: Slumber Suds Body Cleanser | Website: | Instagram: @berkeleydraws
Colby Blue
Colby Blue is a West Coast-based graphic designer with East Coast roots. Rivers, rocks, and snow-capped mountains inspire her designs, whether the natural scenes are striking or soothing. Shillington enabled Colby to shift from being a photographer and field correspondent for an outdoor organization to a creative graphic designer who is dedicated to bringing great companies and people to broad audiences.
Project Name: Outwardbound Website | Website: | Instagram: @colbybluedesign
Dahlia Lam
Dahlia Lam is a multidisciplinary designer and creative writer based in New York City. She specializes in problem solving and storytelling through visual design and effectual language. With a passion for the creative process, Dahlia creates works of art with her meticulous mind and intrepid attitude. She blends design and language to produce unique and engaging solutions for clients’ needs.
Project Name: Oxford Comma | Website: 
Dana Wilson
Dana Wilson is a designer and illustrator currently living and working in Queens, NY. They previously graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2019 before moving onto Shillington. Originally from Belfast, ME, they also enjoy writing, acting, modeling, and expanding on the creative universe in their head.
Project Name: Crystal and Tea | Website: | Instagram: @dandylion.artist
David Gagne
David Gagne is a Maine native living in New York City. Before the pandemic, David Gagne worked as a full-time musician, playing in bars around Manhattan and as a producer out of his home studio in Brooklyn. The pandemic put much of those activities on hold. David saw this issue as an opportunity, as it allowed for time to acquire the skills of a new career in graphic design at Shillington.
Project Name: Camp Lingo | Website: | Instagram: @davidgagneart
Dyonna Potter
Dyonna’s very essence exudes an all around creative soul, with an innate passion for art and design. A native Virgin Islander, she spent the last eight years working in the fashion industry, in NY. She decided to further explore her interest in graphic design, as it would give her an opportunity to assist people and businesses in bringing their ideas to reality, through the use of art and design. Life has recently given her the opportunity to “start fresh”, so she is taking full advantage. She loves learning new skills in her craft and is looking forward to growing creatively.
Project Name: Let's Hair It | Website:
Emily Jungerheld
Emily Jungerheld is a Graphic Designer and Embroidery Artist based in NYC. She has a Certificate in Graphic Design from Shillington, a Bachelor's Degree in Home Products Development and an Associate Degree in Fashion Merchandising from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her work experience includes three years in design and product development and building a successful hand embroidery business. Emily is eager to combine her education, work experience, and creativity to explore new opportunities in design.
Project Name: The Green Center | Website:
Gustavo Rodas
Gustavo Rodas is a graphic designer living in New Orleans, LA. Originally from Ecuador, Gustavo moved to the US to pursue a career in architecture but was always drawn to the more creative field of graphic design. Now that he’s finally taken the plunge into this new career path, he’s found a deep appreciation for the research stage of a brief, and finding strong concepts to back up his designs. He’s excited to put his new skills to work.
Project Name: Crickster | Website: | Instagram: @grodasdesign
Isabelle Eubanks
Isabelle Eubanks, is a multifaceted sparkle born in Florida, currently living in the bay area of California. Though she find's herself with a broad skillset including silversmithing, photo styling, and fire poi she work's professionally in the field of commercial photography. Trained extensively in both, her focus has been architectural photography, and high end retouching. She has now added the title designer to her bag of tricks.
Project Name: Skreppa Branding | Website: | Instagram:
Isaiah Smith
Isaiah Smith is a cat lover and the proud owner of a first generation Nintendo Switch. He’s also a Graphic Designer in New York City with experience in social media content creation and strategy. Drawing inspiration from every piece of media he has ever consumed, he’s a stylistic polyglot with an affinity for things that make him go "Wow, that's pretty cool!". He's ready to work with like-minded brands and creatives—feel free to say hello!
Project Name: Polyphonic | Website: | Instagram: @isaiahsmithx
Justin Rose
Justin spent a decade in fashion photo editing at magazines and producing shoots before finally working up the nerve to become his own creative force. He aims to continue working with image makers but can now deepen those relationships and hopes to extend his network with his hard-won knowledge and skills in art direction, branding, and visual design. He is based in New York City.
Project Name: Thich Nhat Hanh Meditations Book | Website: | Instagram: @justinsrose
Karen Quan
Karen earned her BS in Informatics with a Human-Computer Interaction specialization from the University of California, Irvine, and has been a web developer for over half a decade. She recently decided to make a career switch to UX/UI design, and stumbled upon Shillington in the process. What she loves about design is that she is still solving problems, but in a visual and creative way. In her spare time she enjoys playing basketball and weightlifting.
Project Name: Mütter Museum | Website:
Katherine Livesay
Katherine Livesay is from Austin, Texas and attended Eckerd College, studying Psychology and Human Development. She completed her Master’s programme in England at the University of York, studying Social Policy. She is thrilled to be graduating from Shillington and looks forward to applying her newly refined wealth of knowledge and skills to all her future projects. She hopes to use her passion and keen eye for design on projects for charities and private organizations close to her heart as well as help clients achieve their design related goals.
Project Name: Planned Parenthood | Website: | Instagram: @klivesaydesign
Kelsey Bower
Kels is a NYC-based designer/illustrator who has dabbled in basically every creative endeavor under the sun. She’s a recovering perfectionist, eats the same breakfast every morning, and spends her free time picking heavy shit up and putting it back down. When it comes to her design work, she likes to think about ways to get offline and make digitally-crafted design more touchable in hopes that one day she’ll be able to reach out and hold it in her hands.
Project Name: Lexner Center for the Arts | Website: | Instagram: @kels.bower
Kyle Brassil
Kyle Brassil is a graphic designer working out of Brooklyn, NY. Largely inspired by the aesthetics of comics and cartoons, Kyle’s work aims to use color and illustration to make his designs feel alive and interactive. When not working, Kyle likes to spend his time animating and writing graphic novels to further expand his storytelling abilities. Kyle is always looking to reach out and collaborate with like minded artists.
Project Name: Espionage Experience | Website:
Leonie Vits
Meet Leonie, a creative thinker and multidisciplinary graphic designer from Belgium, currently located in New York. As a former Brand Manager, she loves to create unique visual brand identities. She uses a holistic approach, carefully balancing thoughtful design that embodies core brand values with refreshing and bold ideas. With a background in Marketing, Leonie knows how important design is to successfully communicate a message. That’s why she starts each project by analyzing her target audience and their behavior to ensure a smooth user experience. She's interested in branding and UX/UI design, and can’t wait to further explore the world of graphic design.
Project Name: A Door To Other Worlds Brand Identity | Website: | Instagram: @vitsleonie
Mollyann Russell
After a decade of working in marketing and events, Mollyann found herself constantly using her creativity and strategic thinking to solve problems. She became drawn to situations where she had the opportunity to design. Her passions and skill set have led her to pursue a career in graphic design. As a self-growth junkie, she lives by the mantra that “everything is figureoutable” and is excited to be on a journey where she can share her work with the world and expand on her design knowledge every day. What would you like to figure out? Let’s connect and solve it together!
Project Name: The Cotton Collective | Website: | Instagram: @mollyannrusselldesign
Natalia Monje-Cardona
Natalia, based in Washington, D.C., brings an international view to her design. She is passionate about inclusivity and equality and hopes to push the movement further with her designs.
Project Name: Paging Latinx | Website: 
Omou Barry
Omou Barry is a graphic designer who’s grown up in places like Saudi Arabia, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Bahrain, and now lives in New Jersey. She graduated with a degree in journalism and is glad she pivoted after her graduation to Shillington. She’s excited to start her new career in branding, digital, and print design. When not staring at a screen, she’s usually consumed by a new book she’s opened up, or binging a terrible reality tv show.
Project Name: BFI Film Festival | Website:| Instagram: @omoubarrydesign
Pandora Longstreth
Pandora Longstreth is a graphic designer based in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from the UK, Pandora has a background in nonprofit communications and project management. She specializes in designing for the user, their needs and experiences - from thoughtfully designed touchpoints in a campaign to UX and UI in digital design.
Project Name: Casper Campaign | Website: | Instagram:
Rochelle Rebucas
I'm Rochelle, an LA-native, matcha enthusiast, and hello kitty fanatic. Color theory is my favorite part of design, and I actually feel most inspired by watching cartoons and animation! I went to UCSB for a bit, graduated from UCLA, then worked in tech and education until I finally took the leap to pursue my creative passion. Outside of design, I like playing sports and have been kickboxing for over 4 years. I strive to live each day with intention and laughter, and to always follow my curiosities, wherever that may lead.
Project Name: Integrating Art and Science | Website: | Instagram:
Sam Harvitt
Sam Harvitt is a New York City based graphic designer and creative enthusiast! Before Shillington, she spent her time working in editorial, social media and digital marketing. Her adventurous spirit and passion for visual communication drove her to expand and enhance her skillset. She is excited to use the power of design to bring ideas to life and create a seamless journey for all audiences.
Project Name: Dr. Jart+ Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @SippinOnTheSill
Sergio Diaz
I was born in Mexico City and since I was a child, I was very observant and looking for inspiration in the least expected places, which led me to study marketing. In the world of work I ended up involved with many restaurant projects and they caught my attention. I studied a master's degree in food business administration and I ended up creating a concept for a Mexican fast food restaurant where I realized that I really liked the design of the consumer contact points for that reason I got into a graphic design to specialize in that area.
Project Name: Parallel Chocolate | Website: | Instagram: @checo_design
Simone Lee
Simone Lee is a graphic designer based in New York City. Originally from London, Simone loves to uncover emerging trends to bring to her visual storytelling. With a background in brand marketing, Simone takes an integrated approach and brings a holistic perspective to design. She geeks out on good fonts, art direction and packaging. When she’s not designing, she’s cooking, taking pictures, dancing to disco music or sourcing vintage furniture.
Project Name: Unconventional Travel Destinations City Guide | Website: | Instagram: @simonelayla
Stef Lechner 
Hi, I’m Stef! I’m a New York based graphic designer and have always loved to be creative. I have a marketing and design background and am looking forward to my next role with a particular interest in branding, packaging, and UI/UX.
Project Name: The MET | Website: | Instagram: @steflechnerstudio
Thanh-Mai Phan
Thanh-Mai Phan is a multidisciplinary designer and software engineer based in New York City. With background in Cultural Studies and Computer Science, she is drawn to design for its problem solving capabilities and creative potential.
Project Name: French New Wave Films Brochure | Website:
Angela Huang
Angela Huang is a designer and illustrator based in New York. In her free time, she creates illustrations, printmaking, and zines to practice different methods of visual experimentations. As a graduate of Shillington School of Graphic Design and School of Visual Arts, she is very eager to grow as a designer and dive into her skills in different forms of visual expressions.
Project Name: DNA Typeface | Website: | Instagram: @byangelahuang

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