Check out the portfolios created by our Manchester part time online students Through dedication and resilience, they've each created an amazing portfolio and we could not be more proud of every one of them!

Check out their websites to see more of their portfolio and follow them on Instagram to keep up with their design journeys!

amanda antonon
Amanda is a Brazilian graphic designer and brand strategist, based in São Paulo. She has previously worked for +4 years with marketing and strategy consultancy, until she decided to pursue Shillington in order to unite her passion for strategy and design. She is also a part-time classical ballerina.
Project Name: Incdrop Campaign | Website:  | Instagram: @antndesign
ed boustred
Born in London, tempered in the North, Ed is a Shillington Manchester graduate that thrives on a challenge and bounces off those around him with boundless optimism. He has an eclectic set of hobbies, a truly bizarre taste in music and a background in Psychology; somehow all these elements blend together to create a Graphic Designer with a truly unique perspective.
Project Name: Campy Pale Ale | Website: | Instagram: @e_j_henries
ilse cottenie
During her education in fine arts, Ilse spent most of her time in the school's printing studio. However, her first job was as a manager at the biggest Belgian newspaper. Working closely with the design department, Ilse realised that she wanted to be in their team. 
She returned to her first love, printing, and got to print her own designs in Weekday’s studios. Truly rediscovering her passion for design, she decided to go all in and enrolled at Shillington. Now, Ilse is eager to get started as a junior designer, finally being part of the graphics team.
Project Name: Campy Pale Ale | Website:
lois dickson
Whilst studying for her A Levels, Lois was lucky enough to gain some work experience at a Manchester based graphic design company, and it is there where she found her love for graphic design and also where she was introduced to Shillington. Lois is based in her hometown of Saddleworth, which is just a short train journey to both Manchester City centre and Leeds. Although Lois loves her countryside base she is eager to see new places to showcase her design work.
Project Name: Rumours by Fleetwood Mac Handmade Album Cover | Website: | Instagram: @loisdicksondesign
anna douglas
Anna is a Manchester based Graphic designer. She enjoys thinking creatively and loves getting involved in any design challenge. Before Shillington, Anna worked as a fashion designer for several years, and in her free time she teaches yoga and takes endless photos of her cat.
Project Name: Rioso Chocolate Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @annadougdesign
swapna suhas gore
A professional graphic designer and accomplished web developer, Swapna brings a range of art and design disciplines to the table. From brand strategy and user interface design to digital media, print, and front-end development, her work exemplifies simplicity, intuitiveness, and attention to detail. She is a vivid music lover and expert cook who is always experimenting with new means of creating experiences. Swapna is an artist at heart who enjoys new and challenging projects that push her to learn and contribute to the vast field of design.
Project Name: The Space Race Brochure | Website: | Instagram: @sswapgore
ally guindi
Before deciding to diversify and enhance her skills at Shillington, Ally worked for a branding agency in London, specialising in the fresh produce industry. Based in the lovely seaside town of St Leonards on the South Coast, when she is not out paddle boarding or rollerskating, Ally enjoys being outside taking photographs and gathering inspiration from her beautiful surrounding. In her work, Ally emphasises the need for a good relationship between client and designer to produce clear and cutting edge design for each brief.​​​​​​​
Project Name: Gumbugs Campaign | Website: | Instagram: @allyguindidesigns
whitney hughes
Whitney is the nicest rude person you'll ever meet.
Project Name: Campaign | Website: | Instagram: @whatwhittersdoes
Ailsa inglis
Ailsa is an Industrial Designer turned Art Director, and now a fully-fledged Graphic Designer. Over the past few years, Ailsa has been lucky enough to support exciting NGO’s in Amsterdam in the Kennedys at Wieden + Kennedy, to freelancing as an Art Director for global brands like Adidas and H&M. Outside of work, you will find Ailsa running outdoors, doing yoga or just hanging out with friends. Ailsa also makes a proper good cup of tea and makes a mean chocolate brownie!
Project Name: Identity | Website:
kelly kerfoot
Kelly is a graphic designer based in the fine but somewhat damp city of Manchester. Following a career spent mostly in travel and management, she decided it was time to finally pursue the creative direction she is passionate about! When she's not designing you'll usually find her in the kitchen as she loves food and cooking, all things craft, and is also partial to squeezing in as many gigs, shows and live events as life will permit.
Project Name: Albert's Genius Mix Cat Food Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @_kkdesign
becca knight
Manchester based Becca has always loved stories and after graduating with a degree in English Literature, turned to graphic design as a way of bringing those stories to life. She loves branding and all things print, particularly independent magazines. When she’s not in front of the screen, she’s reading as many books as possible, tracking down eBay bargains and burning through rolls of 35mm film.
Project Name: Wander-Hood Identity | Website:
chrystal li
Chrystal is a London born and raised graphic designer and problem solver. Having graduated with a marketing degree, she realised she wanted to get into the nitty gritty of designing. Though her creativity may not be fueled by coffee beans, she will always have a green teabag up her sleeve. But beware! If you start playing Disney, she may start burst into song.
Project Name: Luht Candle Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @chrys.myli
maria marks
Hi!I have been excited about art and design since a young age. I have studied languages and marketing, and I have worked in a fragrance product marketing role in an international company in Barcelona. During my time working in product marketing I envied the designers who we worked with and knew that it was something that I wanted to do. During lockdown I made the decision to retrain as a graphic designer. I am so happy I followed my heart!
Project Name: Anti Identity | Website: | Instagram: @mariamarkss
matt mckay
Matt is a Midlands based designer with a keen eye for detail & an even keener appetite for burritos. When he's not on stage screaming with his hardcore band or watching Back To The Future for the hundredth time, Matt can be found holed away concocting captivating designs. He gets a kick out of bringing ideas and concepts to life to make strong, enduring branding. Utilising the same energy as his on-stage antics, Matt brings enthusiasm to his work, listening intently to the clients’ needs and wants. Oh, & if you want any wrestling themed projects, he’s your man..
Project Name: Lucid Beer Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @mattmckaydesign
connie mountain
Connie is a 22 year old who has defiantly tested out a few career paths in her time ranging from training to be a secretary to doing a degree as a singer songwriter. She then stumbled across Shillington and finally found something she really REALLY enjoys. Connie still has a passion for writing and music and is exited to see how she can combine the two in the future. Connie loves going to the cinema, being by the sea and avocados :)
Project Name: Smo Coffee Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @connie_mountain_design
joe nuttall
Joe Nuttall is a graphic designer, constant beanie wearer, voracious biscuit eater and avid punk zine peruser.
He also has a love for all things branding, typography and motion.
Project Name: Medieval Matchday Campaign | Website: | Instagram: @jdmn.jpeg
jules scharpé
Jules is a Belgian national from the Antwerp region. He is the family oldest and grew up in Boechout, a village at the green outskirts of the city of Antwerp known for its artists and vibrant social life which left an impact on Jules’ lifestyle.
 Design is his passion and he loved art as a child. Drawing has sparked his interest for graphic design. He has a background in law but decided to radically change his career path and follow his heart. 
Humour, attention for detail and strong societal and historic awareness are the key characteristics of this creative designer.
Project Name: Vertical Magazine Editorial | Website: julesscharpé.com
frances sheehan
Frances is a graphic designer based in the Midlands. With a background in marketing, Frances has strong interests in brand development and packaging and loves bringing brands to life in interesting ways. When she is not designing, Frances can be found catching up with friends and being inspired by travelling and reading.
Project Name: Kallisto Candle Packaging | Website:
tash trayner
Tash is a Manchester-based designer, born and bred in South West London. After a uni romance with architecture, she realised they weren't that compatible. Luckily she found her match in graphic design. 
She loves injecting personality into her projects, and for her, there are always opportunities to create delight, whatever the brief. Looking for them is the fun part. If you're looking for her you'll usually find her down the pub or laughing at her own jokes.
Project Name: Stacked Up Corporate Report | Website: | Instagram: @tashtrayner
daniel tyminski
Daniel is a Scottish designer and artist. 
His Mum will confirm that he is an excellent communicator (talks a lot) and has always explored ways of expressing himself. It doesn’t matter whether it’s chatting, painting or designing, he will work meticulously to express what needs to be said and, how it needs to be said. It is a skill that has followed him through art school, his time as a barista and now into Graphic Design. 
But more importantly, he met Will Smith when he was 8, drinks too much coffee and does not respond to "Damn Daniel".
Project Name: Mana Identity | Website: | Instagram: @dtyminski
anouk van asbeck
Anouk is a Dutch graphic designer based in Amsterdam. And yes, she loves cheese and rides her bike every day. And no, she doesn’t wear clogs. In the wild Anouk can be found sketching, taking photographs of cities and the people in them, or… snacking on popcorn, frequently. Having lived in countries such as the US, the UK and Chile, she has developed an open-minded perspective on life and cultures. This has given her a keen open minded perspective that makes her a refreshingly effective visual communicator.
Project Name: Nossa Olive Oil Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @anoukvanasbeck_design

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