Check out the portfolios created by our London part-time students. Through dedication and resilience, they've each created an amazing portfolio and we could not be more proud of every one of them!

Check out their websites to see more of their portfolio and follow them on Instagram to keep up with their design journeys!

jessica ahwieh
Jess sees herself as a storyteller first and designer second. She is obsessed with the strategy behind a brand and leads every project with a strong brand story. By using her user research and strategy background, she is able to get into the mind of the user to create brands and experiences which speak directly to them. Jess is always full of new ideas and loves to push boundaries, stir up emotions and maybe even verge on the side of strange in her work.​​​​​​​
Project Name: Polyphonic Website | Website: 
Sophia Ayrton-Grime
Sophia Ayrton-Grime is a London-based Graphic designer. She has also trained in Interior Design where she has her own company. 
Sophia decided to get into graphic design to expand her design skill set. 
Following Shillington, Sophia would like to incorporate everything she has learnt to build her brand in Interiors, whilst also starting up another studio with Graphic Design.
Project Name: The Odyssey Handmade Book Cover | Website:
camilla barker
Camilla likes fun things, beautiful things, clear things, useful things– all things that crop up everywhere in great design. With a career path so far that has been more about managing, producing and running artists than making art, design is the perfect platform to at last combine her love of creativity with a desire to communicate efficiently in as organised a fashion as possible.
Project Name: Wanderer Magazine Editorial| Website:
viktoria bazso
Viktoria is from Budapest, Hungary and is now based in the outskirts of North London. She has always been interested in spending time in a creative way. Whether that was drawing, creating collages or making GIFs. 
After graduating from a desktop publishing school in Hungary, she decided to move to the UK where 4 years of eyeballing Shillington’s course finally convinced her to apply in order to further educate herself and learn more about the ins and outs of graphic design. She loves pastel colours and her inspiration comes from everyday things, such as cute animals, cartoons and video games.
Project Name: Chocobiscus Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @vikibdesign
emma collins
With a background in communications and history of art, Emma is motivated by bold ideas and the art of detail. When pivoting from the visual arts to focus on clients in the design world, she decided to convert her dabbles in graphic design into tangible skills. Fascinated by the role intelligent design plays in engaging and changing people’s actions, her interests lie in the inquisitive process of research while favouring simplicity over complexity every time.
Project Name: Silent Spring Handmade Book Cover | Website: | Instagram: @ebcollinsdesign
ana damaschin
Ana is a London based graphic designer and a budding illustrator, with a background in economics and costumer service. Looking for new ways to channel her creativity, she found that Shillington was the perfect opportunity to get that skills set in order to keep exploring the world of graphic design. She is currently interested in UX/UI design and hopes to add coding to her repertoire.
Project Name: Here To Stay Campaign Posters | Website: | Instagram:
Matthew Dunbar
Despite working in unrelated jobs to date, Matt has always found himself pulled into creative tasks due to his notorious "good eye" for design. Shillington has given him the skills to now produce this himself and he has particularly enjoyed the challenge of tailoring aesthetics to speak to different audiences.
Based in East London, he was always been drawn to the vivid colours and bold lines of street art and traditional tattooing which can be seen in his work - take a look!
Project Name: The Exploratorium Identity | Website: | Instagram: @mattdunbar_design
camilla hiscock
Camilla Hiscock is a South London-based graphic designer with a background in museums and exhibition design. After a break from the arts sector, she was eager to explore her creativity in other ways through graphic design. Since starting the course at Shillington, she has discovered a passion for playful illustration and typography.
Some of her influences include Japanese Kawaii culture, Wes Anderson and '90s cartoons!
Project Name: The Lonely Plants Club Branding | Website: | Instagram: @camilladoes
lin loke
Lin is a Digital Innovation Programme Manager and Photographer with 10 years of professional experience shooting for global fashion brands, festivals and weddings. Lin’s next step is to freelance design alongside photography; being open to all creative opportunities.
Project Name: House of Cards Handmade Poster | Website: | Instagram: @sommahaus
laura marriott
As an interior design graduate Laura possesses a keen eye for both quality and detail. Graphic design was a natural progression to refine the technical skills needed to bring visual communication into reality. 
This has influenced her work within the sustainable coffee industry and belief that design should not only be beautiful, but also have purpose. 
Laura's design is as bright and cheerful as she is, and she always looks for ways to inject humour and life within her projects.
Project Name: Searching for Sugarman Handmade Album Cover | Website: | Instagram: @lauloudesign
elizabeth laban
Elizabeth is a London based designer and marketing professional, that goes by Ellie. She has more than 13 years of global marketing experience, building many international brands such as Bacardi, LG electronics, Bally & most recently Asahi Beer. Her passion is to bring ideas to life and Shillington has helped her do just that. When she is not managing projects or designing, you can find her enjoying time with her family and eating whatever London’s culinary scene has to offer.
Project Name: #IRecycle Festival Posters | Website:| Instagram: @ellielaban
Parisa nasri
Parisa studied art and psychology and, in a roundabout way, this led her to a career in marketing for the last thirteen years. To complement her full-time job, she decided to follow an inherent pull towards graphic design. Obsessed with aesthetics, and its affect on the human experience, she knew this was the perfect blend of her passions – playful experiments with art, psychology, language, storytelling and creative problem solving. Her skills lie in copywriting, unconventional designs, and unexpected colour palettes (that tend to include a lot of pink). She also incorporates handmade elements into many of her projects, bringing texture, depth and a unique twist to her visual communications.
Project Name: Furusato Modern Art Museum Branding | Website: | Instagram: @studiopa_ri
shinyoung park
I'm a graphic designer for UX/UI, web and branding based in Malta.
Project Name: Wanderer Travel Magazine | Website:  | Instagram:
sophie protheroe
Television production, radio advertising… graphic design? Sophie’s road to design has taken a couple of detours but it’s about the journey not the destination, right? She has always been the go-to person for ‘making things look pretty’ but it was in her role as a Campaign Executive where she was responsible for putting together lots of presentations that ignited her love of design. Sophie’s background in storytelling is prevalent in all of her work and nothing brings her more joy than creating a concept and bringing it to life (except maybe pizza and puppies).
Project Name: Trust Facts Not Thoughts Campaign | Website: | Instagram:
ibrahima seck
Ibrahima Seck is a London based designer long caught by the virus of design, drawing on all his school books. Finding solutions and being creative is what he always wanted to do.With a marketing and customer relationship background and a solid illustrator experience, he embraces the design world with the name Basalt design for a rock solid lateral thinking.
Project Name: The Banker Handmade Poster | Website: | Instagram:
danielle smith
Creativity is never far from Danielle’s mind, whether it’s creating vivid movie scenes while walking to the shops, or doodling her wild imaginations onto paper. She has tried exploring avenues away from her creative destiny and received a BA in Geography, however she couldn’t escape her creative calling and is now a graphic designer! She is excited to dive into the world of design and pursue her endless desire to keep on learning and experimenting. She is also a part time explorer, runner, minimalist and chocolate connoisseur.
Project Name: Undiscovered App | Website: | Instagram: @otheronedesign
liberty stembridge
Liberty realised her passion for graphic design after spending many hours doodling brand concepts on napkins whilst working at a coffee shop. Eventually she decided to study at Shillington so she could pursue her childhood dream of getting paid to use cool software and be creative. When not swearing at her computer, she likes to daydream of all the cool posters she’ll make when she has the time, as well as running away to live in a yurt and grow potatoes.
Project Name: Clarity Facewash Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @libertyflorencedesign
alicja wielunska
Based in London, Alicja has an enthusiasm for UX and illustration, using her skills for good as well as evil, and creating cool and witty things. 
Most easily found tinkering with designs especially for non-profits, frequently trying to make the world a better place. Or at least that's what she wants you to think.
Project Name: Kind Duck Pasta Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @coffee_cat_design

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