Check out the portfolios created by our London full time students Through dedication and resilience, they've each created an amazing portfolio and we could not be more proud of every one of them!

Check out their websites to see more of their portfolio and follow them on Instagram to keep up with their design journeys!

Elsie is a London based graphic designer and print maker. After studying French at university she decided it was time to channel her creativity and study at Shillington. Elsie thinks it's important to be playful with design and experiment in order to find new solutions. Elsie has a real passion for design and the creative process. By taking the less obvious route to the final work, her pieces are informed by "mistakes" along the way leading to truly original outcomes.
Project Name: Bear Foot Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @elsieagnew_design
Ethar is a Graphic Designer, based in London. Working in retail for many years has made her strive for a more colourful and creative career. 
She hopes to use her new design knowledge in exciting projects while continuing to build on her design skills.
Project Name: The Hub Identity | Website: | Instagram: @etharsx
Jade is a textile designer who trained at Central St Martins. After graduating she worked in the interior and fashion industry in Italy for three years. Upon returning Jade wanted to further her career in communicative design as she was always fascinated with how an image can speak louder than words. Jade enjoys building a narrative through colour, texture and a quirky tone of voice to further unlock the power of emotion and imagination.
Project Name: Wurm Identity | Website: | Instagram: @jadeadesign
Tania is a graphic designer from Geneva, Switzerland. Before graduating from Shillington she had been a physiotherapist for 12 years and ran her own business. Wanting to retrain in a more creative industry she decided to take that leap in London. She enjoys problem solving and is inspired by the form and structure of Swiss Design - as much as it may sound like a cliché. When she is not designing, Tania enjoys ambling through the streets with her camera or getting her hands on an old skateboard to up-cycle into furniture
Project Name: Elemental Forces Poster | Website: | Instagram: @tania.bieri
Mim is a graphic designer from upstate New York with three years of experience working in publishing. She enjoys the challenge of creative thinking, and loves good storytelling.
Project Name: Blackbird Studios Identity | Website: | Instagram: @ember_lesson
Eugene is a designer and blogger based in London, England. He enjoy topics on marketing, learning, branding and web design. He also relishes building community amongst graphic designers and understanding how we can all think, design, educate and play better with the great tools at our disposal.
Project Name: Joga São Football Museum Branding | Website: | Instagram: @designeugene1
Hayley is a Junior Graphic Designer based in Brighton and Hove but originally from north London. Hayley decided to make a career change after she started her own candle business, PeachyWick during lockdown of 2020 which sparked an interest in branding and packaging. She loves P!nk (the singer, not the colour), fine wine and good times.
Project Name: Fur Real Cat Food Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @haychapsdesign
Sally is a London based graphic designer and creative. Before Shillington she graduated from Newcastle University with first-class honours in Architecture. This year she interned at Vovi, a digital marketing and creative studio, as a graphic designer. Here she expanded her existing knowledge of the Abode Creative Suite, and became proficient in Figma. During the COVID pandemic, Sally worked as a freelance designer. She was approached by a number of start-up businesses to design their logo and branding. Shillington has enabled Sally to transfer the skills she acquired from studying Architecture, and apply them to her enthusiasm for graphic design.
Project Name: Screenfields Brochure | Website: | Instagram: @sallyclapp_design
Marina’s somewhat of an accent chameleon as she was born in Brazil, lived in the States for a bit but has spent most of her life in London.
She's always loved being creative, making things by hand and now on the computer. She studied business but knew the creative industry is where she inevitably would end up, to be able to feel most fulfilled.
She’s curious to learn and loves wacky ideas. She also has an intimidatingly large stamp collection and just would like everyone to know that.
Project Name: Apothecary Cabinet Museum Branding | Website: | Instagram:
Matt studied technical illustration at Falmouth School of Art and went on to become a graphics officer with the Ministry of Defence. After some time travelling, Matt worked at sea in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and offshore oil industry. Redundancy gave him the opportunity to explore his interest in graphic design. The course at Shillington has been a long term ambition of his and he has gained a great deal of insight into the design process.
Project Name: Dual Oatcakes Packaging | Website:
After years spent working in the corporate world as a consultant and accountant, Roberto decided to dive into the exciting world of design. Combining his managerial, problem solving and design skills he wants to create an effective solutions that puts the user at the centre and still is beautiful and easy to use.

Roberto is looking to work as a Graphic and/or U.X. Designer helping clients to reach their targets through smart design.
Project Name: Fair Air Campaign | Website:
Nicki has spent the last few years working in PR and Communications in both London and Barcelona. She was keen to learn the visual side of communication so embarked on the Shillington graphic design course; she's particularly interested in design for social good. If she had to describe herself in three words she would say; energetic, hardworking and tirelessly curious.
Project Name: Malmu Museum Branding | Website:
Conor is a London based creative. He's always had a passion for lettering and typography, and is never without a pocket sketchbook for capturing interesting letterforms in the wild.
Project Name: Huda Display Typeface | Website: | Instagram: @conor_georgiou_design
Isabella HOWELL
Isabella is a London based graphic designer and photographer. Before Shillington she graduated from University of the Arts London with a first-class honours in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. She then worked as a photographer for Royal Mail and Thomson Reuters. During the COVID pandemic Isabella lead the design of hand sanitiser used by the Welsh NHS, British police forces and government departments. Through Shillington, she has learnt new skills that will help her branch into graphic design, and uncovered her love for branding and packaging.
Project Name: Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis Handmade Album Cover | Website: | Instagram: @isabellahowelldesigns
Laura is a graphic designer and illustrator from London. During a career in the city, Laura was driven to more creative pursuits as a means of expressing herself. After a few years the call became too strong and she quit her job as an intellectual property lawyer and decided to redesign her career. 
After Shillington, Laura's aim is to create purpose-driven design that shares her client's values through branding, storytelling and visual identity
Project Name: Ou Identity | Website: | Instagram: @snoubacreative
Georgie is a London based designer and artist, whose family is from Scotland. She has always pursued all things creative—before starting Shillington she worked as a florist in Kentish Town and occasionally on the company's farm in Somerset. Before that, she received an art scholarship to secondary school and studied History of Art at the University of Edinburgh with 2 years Fine Art. She loved working as a florist and getting her hands dirty, but found that she missed the challenge of idea generation and storytelling. Her favourite part of all her past experiences is collaborating with other people and making an idea into reality. She thinks that design is the perfect medium for this!
Project Name: Heur Homes Identity | Website: | Instagram:
Josie JACKson
Josie is a contemporary and vibrant creative thinker, with a focus on purpose driven design. She delivers innovative concepts and designs, breath-taking and emotive strategical solutions, and detail-orientated, holistic aesthetics that translate across multiple digital platforms and print publications, bringing visual ideas to life. In every project Josie draws on her unrivalled experience and expertise in visual art, fashion design and brand curation, producing distinctive and sophisticated design concepts
.Project Name: Swop Campaign | Website: | Instagram: @josievjacksondesign
Matthew Johnston is an Irish creative based in London. He previously worked as Director of brand content at Wallpaper* and Nowness, where he built award winning campaigns for the likes of Burberry, BMW & Hennessy. As a trained illustrator and designer, Matthew enjoys bringing together his commercial experience and creative talents to help brands grow and thrive through their campaigns.
Project Name: Aphelon Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @_matthew_johnston
Harrison has a keen interest in music and illustration that drove him towards a career change into the creative industry. He spent over a decade in the Property game, running his family refurbishment and development business. Studying at Shillington opened up a world in which he can combine his experience in problem solving and love for being creative, with a focus on effective communication.
Project Name: Scoop Ice Cream Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @harrisonjonesdesign
When not furiously designing he is often found seeking green space or in pursuit of the city's finest filter coffee upon the saddle of his trusty bicycle. Having not had any previous design training, Shillington has been a steep learning curve and he is looking forward to heading out into the world armed with his new bespectacled design eyes.
Project Name: Fill App Posters | Website:| Instagram: @hk.doodles
Gosia has been drawing and painting since she was 5, yet never seeing it as her viable career option. Through a chain of fortunate events, she started working as an in-house designer for a London-based startup - an experience that made her realise that graphic design is her destiny. During the Shillington course, she deepened her understanding of graphic design and much developed her creativity.
Gosia’s designs are quirky in a lighthearted tone, full of vibrant colours and clever allusions. She sources her ideas from her polish heritage, full of unconventional approaches such as cutouts, aesthetics of painting, and crafted typefaces and graphic elements.
Project Name: Babushka Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @go.gosiaa
Shannel is a California native and devotee to coastlines and woodsy landscapes; ever in pursuit of a warm afternoon. Loyal to paper books and the Old Fashioned cocktail, she is relentlessly optimistic and loves to cheer her teammates on. A playlist of moody lullabies by Iron and Wine and Sufjan Stevens was her soundtrack during her time at Shillington. After ten years in sales with dreams of being a designer she is thrilled to be embarking on that journey!
Project Name: Museum of Torture Identity | Website:  | Instagram: @shannelcdesign
Sofia is a creative girl from Denmark (Copenhagen), 24 years old. Sofia likes to be artistic and think different. Sophias come from a jewellery family. She would like to use her graphic design to design and create art.
Project Name: Chemical Clothing Campaign | Website: | Instagram: @sofialynggaardn
Hector previously graduated from Leeds College of Music with a degree in Music Production. He then started work with a new revolutionary whisky brand which was coupled with the music industry. Whilst DJing and creating music, he developed an interest in artwork being produced and decided to explore that field of creativity. 
This was the beginning of a career he didn’t know he needed. He is always eager to learn more and is excited to see where the skills he has learnt on the course will take him.
Project Name: Major Issues Campaign | Website: | Instagram: @hectormcalisterdesign
Over the years Emily has dipped her brush in the cultural inks of Amsterdam, Biarritz and Lisbon while working as a textile designer for lifestyle brands. Today she draws on this canvas of conversations and experiences to enrich her approach to graphic design in London. Always seeking to observe the world with a playful eye, Emily enjoys the challenge of developing concepts and stories with a sense of curiosity she aims to reflect in her work.
Project Name: Feed Your Sole Campaign | Website: | Instagram:
Philippa - or Phil as she prefers - is a British graphic designer based in Geneva, Switzerland. 
She is a driven, creative thinker, who has the ability to visualise both the big picture and the small details, often in a non-linear way. 
Reflecting her previous careers in photography and construction, Phil is particularly interested in structure, colour and composition. 
There is a lot of crossover between Phil's work and interests; she loves exploring cities and the mountains with her camera in hand or dives into her other great passion, history and ethnography.
Project Name: Museum of Sea Monsters Identity | Website: | Instagram:
After a year and half interning in an architectural firm, Lizzie stumbled across Shillington and welcomed it with open arms. Eager to learn and full of beans, she unearthed her love for graphic design and the power to communicate through colour, shape and line. Lizzie can't wait to dive into her career in the creative industry and she will also be speaking in the 3rd person indefinitely.
Project Name: Du Jour Website | Website: | Instagram:
Junior graphic designer with a background in Sociology and a side-love of making quirky animations. Inez aims to always keep an open mind looking to experiment with new techniques and finding inspiration from everywhere and anywhere (especially if it's off the computer). She values authenticity and want to do work that is connected to people and has a purpose bigger than herself.
Project Name: Taboo Tampon Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @inezpadiachydesign
Laura is a London-based designer who recently graduated from Leeds University with a degree in Liberal Arts. Having done an art foundation year at Falmouth School of Art before pursuing a more academic route at Leeds, Laura decided to rekindle her passion for visual communication and study graphic design at Shillington. During her time at Leeds, Laura majored in Art History, a subject which has helped her develop an understanding of design theory and its cultural context. Laura loves to tell a good story, both verbally and visually, and tries to incorporate her sense of fun into her designs. With an enthusiasm for branding, Laura is excited to have found a career path which channels her creative skills in new and exciting ways.
Project Name: Jan Coo Tea Packaging | Website: | Instagram:
Immy is a Graphic Design graduate, based in London. She studied English Literature and Film at the University of Bristol, before moving to Melbourne to work. Returning to London she chose to study at Shillington, keen to start a career in design. 
Immy has a passion for modern art and film and likes to adopt a hands-on approach to projects where appropriate . She believes in stepping away from the computer for inspiration and design direction.
Project Name: Serfs Up! by Fat White Family Handmade Album Cover | Website: | Instagram: @immypatrondesign
At the end of Shillington 2020 the class all described each other in three words. Lily was told she was friendly, obsessed and honest. Friendly in that she is an approachable, bright and sparky designer with heaps of energy. Obsessed… with Graphic Design. Having studied History of Art at Edinburgh University she’s always been interested in the creative industry, especially Design. Lockdown proved the perfect moment for her to pursue this passion and Shillington was the answer to this drive. Honest with herself, she knows there is a lot of learning to do; bring on 2021.
Project Name: Mirra Campaign | Website:
In order to get through our days, we need to laugh. So where he can, Harry loves to make work that makes others smile and be uplifted. He use comedy and a knowledge of the history of design to cater to many different audiences and where appropriate inject a bit of fun. Oh and he loves pineapple on his pizza.
Project Name: Beer Belly Brewery Branding | Website: | Instagram: @harryedwardrichards
Jack is a graphic designer from London. He is also an illustrator and printmaker.
Project Name: Sea Scouts Scrub Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @jackseymourillustration
Tania is a Leeds born, London based designer and illustrator. She’s always loved anything and everything creative. 
After taking the ‘sensible route’, studying Economics at Warwick University, she worked in Management Consulting for 2 years, where she developed her interest in storytelling through design and realised how much she missed being creative in her daily life! Tania loves learning about new cultures, styles and techniques and has a passion for illustration. She sees design as a powerful way to connect and communicate with people.
Project Name: Untamed Identity | Website: | Instagram: @madebytania_
Magdalena has been a self taught graphic designer for 3 years. Shillington has closed any gaps within her knowledge helping her be relevant by being able to explore the importance of Design Thinking. This has installed the confidence within her to conjure up innovative, considered solutions to back up her bold, witty designs. Her designs build personality, convey a message but also grab the viewers attention sometimes being controversial, pushing the boundaries of the balance between design as a communication.
Project Name: Free Radical App | Website: | Instagram:
Charlotte is a junior graphic designer based in South East London with experience working with data, both in her previous role as a Data Visualisation Executive and as a BA Geography student. Whilst these allowed her to embrace her love for travel and learning during her studies (such as her time living abroad in Canada) and to hone her analytical and written skills, throughout these experiences she has always felt a natural pull to all things creative. From studying art and ceramics at school, playing guitar and sketching in her spare time, to interviewing guitar makers in New York for one of her university reports and writing a dissertation on creativity in Instagram. She felt it was time to finally further her interests and train her design eye to connect with people visually with through her own creations, in the hope of inspiring joy and curiosity in others.
Project Name: Perfectly Untrue by Lucia & The Best Boys Handmade Album Cover | Website: | Instagram: @charlottethomasdesign
After Heather began her career in illustration, the passion she had for design persuaded her to follow and develop her knowledge within the creative industry. Heather cares about clean and simple design that's sustainably conscious with a fun flare.​​​​​​​
Project Name: The Secret Pollinator Campaign | Website: | Instagram: @heatherlouisetoddesign
Leona studied Art, Business and English Literature in college. After college, she went into the beauty industry which helped her expand her creativity. However, it wasn't enough, she wanted more. Her experience and time at Shillington allowed her to develop a new sense of creativity, understanding and love for design, which is now expressed in her work. She prefers to have her work speak for itself so feel free to have a flick through.
Project Name: Pix Museum Identity | Website: | Instagram: @_leonatran
Having an art teacher as a parent, a sense for aesthetics has been embedded in Alexia's education from the very beginning. After finishing her studies in hospitality management, she decided to follow her desire for graphics and arts, being able to incorporate her understanding of societal trends and express her views in a creative way. Adapting to her environment with curiosity, Alexia is looking to learn and grow in the field of graphic design.
Project Name: Tort Torture Museum Branding | Website:
Jack's always had an appreciation for 'things' that look 'nice', but had never dived any deeper than that before starting at Shillington. After deciding not to go to University, he spent the best part of four years in Commercial roles at a couple of London tech companies, but ultimately realised that just across the way, there was a much more attractive design-shaped path calling his name. 
Jack's designs are all underpinned by strong and exciting visual ideas, and he loves to weave his dry and witty sense of humour into projects.
Project Name: Mowseum Museum Branding | Website:| Instagram: @jackwebsterdesign
Flora is a London based graphic designer. Whilst studying languages at university, she found herself captivated by the art and design that brings a culture to life. After a year in the flower industry, Flora decided to nurture her interest in design and enrol in Shillington. Since she has developed a minimalist and quirky style influenced by contemporary urban life.
Project Name: Route Seeds Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @florawilliamsdesign
Jasper grew up in the countryside surrounded by dogs and horses. His two main passions have always been sport and art. Over the years his love of design has come to the forefront of his interests. When exploring his options Jasper came across Shillington which seemed to encompass his interest in expanding his skills in design, creation and expression. 
Jasper has a real love of the physical creation of design and photography and he is excited to use his skills from Shillington to explore and learn more about where graphic design can take him in the future.
Project Name: Forget Me Not Campaign | Website: | Instagram: @j.windsorclive
Kharis is a graphic designer from London. Having built a successful career in civil engineering she continues to apply design thinking in different contexts. 
Approaching projects always with the end in mind, she loves working to understand the problem and experimenting with multiple solutions.
Project Name: Hakone Sculpture Park Identity | Website: | Instagram: @khariswongdesign
Though creativeness has always been part of Adi's life—with experience in music, fashion and theatre, after choosing a degree in psychology followed by a move into the world of high tech, a chance to move to London from Israel set Adi back onto her creative path and into graphic design. Combining her technical skills and creative side, Adi believes that her past experiences have helped shaped her approach and abilities as a graphic designer and is very excited to begin this new stage of her life! ​​​​​​​
Project Name: Hodge Podge Chocolate Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @adizukdesign

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