Check out the portfolios created by our Brisbane part time students. Through dedication and resilience, they've each created an amazing portfolio and we could not be more proud of every one of them!

Check out their websites to see more of their portfolio and follow them on Instagram to keep up with their design journeys!

Alyssa is a fledgling graphic designer currently based in Australia. Born an Aquarius, known for being original, progressive and maybe just a little capricious, Alyssa loves thinking out of the box and pushing boundaries in her creative designs. Leaving behind her past life as a professional corporate slave, Alyssa is drawn to minimalistic aesthetics and is keen to begin the next chapter of her career pursuing design and creative endeavours.
Project Name: Summer Street Party | Website:| Instagram: @alyssaintheworks
After graduating with a Bachelor in Business and Creative Industries, Amy Ambrose spent half a decade working in digital marketing with a focus on website growth strategy. She has always appreciated the power of design and came to Shillington to hone her design thinking, upskill in all things Adobe and tap into some UX and UI insights. As a bonus, during the course, she has found a new love for typography.
Project Name: The Sound of Waves| Website:| Instagram:

Beth Watson is a Queensland based graphic designer who didn’t discover her passion for design until she’d cut her teeth on a few different careers. She loves the exploration of design—unearthing the history of a concept and in doing so, discovering its future potential. She also loves colour—lots of it.  
Project Name: Brunswick Street Festival| Website:

After ten years in the beauty and fashion industries Brooke has this year begun to seriously pursue design as a career path, taking inspiration from her passion for the performing arts and incorporating it into her work. Favouring a humorous and minimal approach to design, Brooke aims to inject fun and personality into her projects.
Project Name: Brunchwick Bash | Website:
Cait is graphic designer based in Brisbane.
She is a rescuer of two greyhounds and a dedicated creative.  Playful in her approach to design and illustration, Cait believes in the value of a disciplined approach to the design process.
Project Name: House Hound| Website:| Instagram: @caitdorombozo
Caitanya is a Sunshine Coast based Graphic Designer, passionate and inspired by about nature's beauty. Post graduation she is excited to continue developing her brand and style. 
Project Name: Locale| Website:| Instagram: @caitanya_

Despina is a Brisbane-based graphic designer with a background in Business, Marketing and Events. Through her past career moves, a more creative role was needed, with a pull towards Graphic Design. Despina’s style is minimal, expressive and empowering. Her passion for communicating uniquely through design is showcased through her portfolio in a variety of mediums from packaging, UX design and editorial.
Project Name: Ultraviolet| Website:| Instagram:

Freda decided to study at Shillington after a few years of working professionally. After attending a graduate exhibition at a fine arts college, it was an easy decision to study design instead. Being someone who is easily carried away by ideas, she loves the rationality of design, which provides boundaries for creativity to flourish. She loves reading, and introducing a storyline or narrative helps make meaningful designs. Here she is making coffee pods for MAMILS—Middle Aged Men in Lycra, who loves to be at the peak of their game. 
Project Name: Podium| Website:| Instagram: @notcoolfreda

Gosia is a Polish-born, Brisbane based designer. She started her design adventure in Landscape Architecture after graduating university. Since calling Australia home, Gosia has become a committed graphic designer with a particular interest in UX/UI. Now a proud Shillington graduate, ready to take on new design challenges. Her main inspiration are modern design trends with a touch of nature. She is passionate about finding the balance between beauty and practicality. Gosia loves the Australian outback where she draws her inspiration and finds her inner peace.

Project Name: Grass & Bone| Website:
Hannah is a Brisbane based designer, digital marketer and photographer. Originally from rural Queensland, she moved to the big smoke in pursuit of new challenges. After working within the Digital Marketing realm, Hannah began to seek out opportunities to grow her creative ability. Heavily driven by authentic connections, she truly believes that a strong brand voice supported by meaningful storytelling is one of the only things that can't be "machine-learned".
When not at her desk, you can find her out on the road with a camera in hand capturing the unique Australian coast and local communities or daydreaming about her future off-the-grid sustainable home. 
Project Name: Ceremony| Website:| Instagram: @hannah.depper

Jason Harding is an academic, artist and designer based in Australia. He creates all sorts of stuff and is captivated by the way different methods and mediums influence each other. Will often fuse his own writing, spoken word, photography, art and design into the one brief. The first note on graphic design he ever wrote down was, “this is the art of thinking”. Dreams of one day creating something that has weight and being permitted the luxury and liberty of going completely mad in the process. You might walk past him on the street one day and never know. 
Project Name: The Cyberpunk Condor| Website:| Instagram: @jw_harding

Always whimsical, delicate and fierce, Jessica Novak is an illustrator and graphic designer with a penchant for visual story-telling and cheeky copy. She draws (a pun!) on her experience as a surreal watercolour artist and journalism degree to punch out designs that speak to her heart. 
Project Name: Thrash Mag| Website:| Instagram: @jesamiefloss

Ketki is a designer that enjoys the anti and brutalist. Having graduated in Architecture and Graphic Design, the appreciation for the weird and wonderful in the world is exponential. Based in Brisbane, she looks forward to learn and expand her knowledge by the power of persistence and lateral thinking. 
Project Name: Scar Magazine| Website:| Instagram: @bypoindexter

Liz Byrne has long been a secret creative and Shillington is her admitting defeat to her true nature.
When she isn’t moving pixels across a screen, she’s reading about the history of defunct theme park rides and then telling her friends about them unprompted.
Project Name: Sugar Shot| Website:| Instagram:

Matt is a creative who is passionate about designing to engage the mind and soul. He enjoys the challenge of simplifying concepts to visually communicate clear messages. With a background in marketing and management, Matt draws from a diverse skillset to execute holistic brand experiences with intention and clarity. 
Project Name: Gravity—John Mayer| Website:| Instagram:

Meg Ellis is a Brisbane based aspiring Graphic Designer and Brand Manager.
Her aim is to be involved in the why behind what an organisation and individual does, to be involved in each of the steps that help to bring a brand to life by collaborating with the different stakeholders. Her passion lies in the holistic roll-out from A to Z, to help shed light on a brand’s true identity.
Project Name: Make It Yours | Website:| Instagram: @meg_mdw

Hospitality background girl who is coffee addict, loves day dreaming and travelling. 
She is curious and eager to learn , being so brave to step into a new field of studying graphic design. Rainie is looking forward to her new career journey!  Look at how far this girl has come.
Project Name: Sweet Tooth Chocolate | Website:| Instagram: @gypsyrainie

Hailing from the United States, Sarah has spent 16 years living overseas and travelling the world. After a versatile 20 year career in the fashion industry, she has expanded her design skills by graduating from Shillington in Brisbane. With a love of photography, luxury brands, illustration and handmade elements, Sarah is excited for this new chapter in design. Keep an eye on this chick, she’s jumping ship again and headed back to the US to chase new dreams!
Project Name: Stab Magazine | Website:| Instagram: @form_forma

Suguru is from Japan, living in Brisbane, Australia for approximately 2 years. His first language is Japanese and English is the second language. He used to work as a network engineer but currently working as a freelance web developer and studying application development at the same time. Suguru is keen to use his design skills especially on web design and application design and get more experience through many projects and client jobs.
Project Name: Polyphonic | Website:| Instagram: @suguruprotfolio

Having moved down from Far North Queensland at the start of the year, Wendy is now based in Brisbane where she was able to attend Shillington College. Prior to starting with Shillington, Wendy worked in aviation for 20+ years. On the side she was doing logo design and small business marketing for friends and local business in and around Palm Cove.  It’s her dream to turn her hobby in to something that, maybe, could earn her a buck or two one day. 
Project Name: Extreme Sports Magazine | Website:| Instagram: @brightideagroup1

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